Eurocode 8 Estimation of effective stiffness of reinforced concrete ductile bridge piers

Calculation of the effective stiffness of reinforced concrete ductile bridge piers
According to:
EN 1998-2:2005+A2:2011 Annex C, Section C.2 - Method 1
Applicable for:
Bridge piers with constant cross-section, and preferably with hollow rectangular, hollow circular and solid circular cross-sections
Supported National Annexes:
No Nationally Defined Parameters (NDPs) in the calculation
All Calculations

Note: The ratio Jcr / Jun can be obtained by the following procedure:

  • Perform cross-section analysis considering the final reinforcement to obtain the bending resistance MRd = Myd at the yield point of the tensile reinforcement. Depending on the type of cross-section, the following calculations can be used: circular, tubular, rectangular, I-shaped, T-shaped, or box-shaped, with the following modifications:
    • The design value of reinforcement ultimate strain εud should be set equal to the reinforcement design yield strain εyd
    • The coefficient taking account of long term effects and loading effects on the compressive strength of concrete αcc should be set equal to the value coresponding to seismic design situations according to the National Annex (if different from static design situations)
  • In the table of the results the value of the effective bending stiffness ratio (EI)eff / (EI)gross should be considered and input as Jcr / Jun in this calculation