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Effective advertisements that target directly the engineers who apply Eurocodes

EurocodeApplied.com is a unique place to advertise your business. Our website offers quality content in the form of free calculation tools and design aids for the professional engineers who apply the Eurocodes in the majority of European countries and many other countries worldwide.

  • Highly focused audience - The professional engineers who apply Eurocodes
  • Large target group - Thousands of engineers in Europe and other countries
  • Returning visitors - Engineers use our calculation tools and design aids in their everyday design practice

Reach engineers interested in your products and services

  • Engineering Books & Design Aids

    Modern design standards such as Eurocodes just outline the fundamental engineering principles. Advertise here books and design aids that provide design guidelines for practical applications.

  • Engineering Computer Programs

    Engineers use design software to manage the huge amount of verifications and detailing required by modern design codes. Engineers who visit this website may be interested in your software.

  • Providers of Construction Materials & Accessories

    This website provides tools for the design of prestress, structural bearings, reinforcement details, steel structures and more. Promote your products here.

  • Corporate Branding for Design & Construction Companies

    Make your company well known to the engineers who visit our website as a long-term strategy to add value to your brand name.

Take advantage of the early stage offer

EurocodeApplied.com is currently at its initial expansion stage. New content is added frequently and our visitor traffic is growing. At this initial growth stage we offer the opportunity to place advertisements on our website at an exceptionally low price.