Eurocode 2 Concrete nominal cover for reinforcement and prestressing steel

Calculation of required nominal concrete cover cnom for reinforcement steel and prestressing steel
According to:
EN 1992-1-1:2004+AC2:2010 Section 4.4
Supported National Annexes:
Nationally Defined Parameters (NDPs) automatically filled for supported countries
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e.g. 30 MPa for concrete class C30/37. For a list of concrete classes see Table of Concrete Design Properties
Exposure classes related to environmental conditions in accordance with EN 206-1 as specified in EN1992-1-1 Table 4.1
Design working life of 50 years corresponds to structures of average importance.
True if position of reinforcement is not affected by construction process, such as in slabs without link reinforcement.

Nationally Defined Parameters
According to EN1992-1-1 §, § and the National Annex. A value different than 10 mm may be appropriate for certain cases according to the National Annex (e.g. precast elements).
Nationally Defined Parameters corresponding to EN1992-1-1 sections,,,,,,
The inspection depending on inspection levels is specified in prEN 13670, where Execution Class 1 corresponds to the relaxed inspection level, Execution Class 2 corresponds to the normal inspection level, and Execution Class 3 corresponds to the tightened inspection level.
Maximum equivalent water-to-cement ratio used in concrete composition, corresponding to vctekv in the National Annex of Sweden, Table 4.4N. Larger values are more unfavorable.
Adequate cement content according to National Annex of Spain for EN1992-1-1 Section
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